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Sep 2015:  Bring It On Bloomington will receive the Daniel Burnham Award for an Outstanding Comprehensive Plan from the Illinois chapter of the American Planning Association (ILAPA). Named in honor of the iconic Chicago city planner and architect Daniel Burnham, the annual award recognizes a comprehensive plan that advances the art and science of planning.

Aug 2015: Bring It On Bloomington! is now the City's Official Comprehensive Plan. Bloomington  City Council adopted it at their August 24th meeting.  This final product will guide and inform critical decisions about the City’s future and quality of life.   Many individuals and organizations participated actively during the planning process.  Thank you!

While it took us over 18 months to create this plan, the real work begins now.  Its implementation.  The City Council will be examining the plan priorities closely in small working groups.   Meanwhile, you can do your part to help achive the goals of the plan.  Check out the chapters that interest you.  There are many actions you can take as an individual, organization or a neighborhood group. This is our community and it our collective responsibility to make it a better place.Stay tuned for the Zoning Ordinance updates...


MCRPC and City of Bloomington Staff

Project and process overview

Bloomington nearly doubled in size and population in the last 50 years. This rapid growth has brought about many demographic, social and built environment changes. With the coming decades assured to bring more growth and many changes, the City in consultation with McLean County Regional Planning Commission (MCRPC) is planning for the future.  This planning process was conducted in three phases. 

Phase 1 was the existing conditions analysis (Feb 2014 – July 2014).  This phase included a review of existing plans and ordinances, gathering and analyzing data to identify historical trends, land use patterns, etc. An existing conditions report was published on this site in August 2014.  Click here to access existing conditions analysis report.  The information gathered during this phase was presented to the Planning Commission, City Council, Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic Preservation Commission and many community groups during 2014.

Phase 2 was the community outreach phase (July 2014-October 2014). Bring It On Bloomington was an effort to engage the broader community in the planning process. From the start, the mission of this project was to be inspired by the hopes and dreams of the community residents, businesses and other stakeholders. True to that mission the planning process used both traditional and new ways to engage members of the community that may not have typically participated in a process like this. Over 2,000 members of the community responded to a survey with 4 open ended questions resulting in over 8,000 individual comments.   The information gleaned from the breadth and depth of these responses was invaluable and became the foundation for the plan. The vision, core values and the guiding principles derived from this outreach phase were summarized in the Vision and Values document.  These results were presented to the Bloomington Planning Commission, City Council and many community groups from late 2014 to the end of the planning process.

Phase 3 was the strategic planning phase (November 2014 – June 2015).  The information from the Existing Conditions report and the Vision and Values report informed this phase. Thirteen different working groups addressed a range of subjects including housing, neighborhoods, education, arts and culture, natural environment, health, community well-being, economic development, downtown, transportation, utilities and community facilities. These complex and interrelated topics are discussed comprehensively in 7 chapters in the final plan.  Nearly 130 working group members spent over 1300 hours in the last 10 months to address each of these subjects at length. The focus during this process has been on implementation. Each chapter outlines goals, objectives and actionable items. A time frame and lead agency were identified with each actionable item.  Metrics and partner agencies were also identified for each objective to provide additional guidance during the implementation.  Finally, the land use map identifies areas appropriate for various developments. Click here to access the final plan document, which is result of the 3rd and final phase of this process.





Action Areas and Working Groups

Opportunity for All

Opportunity for All

Bloomington was ranked #1 in the State of Illinois on Forbes list of "The Best Small Places for Business and Careers.”

Youth is a Priority

Youth is a Priority

Bloomington was ranked one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, and was the only community in Illinois to receive the designation. (America’s Promise Alliance and ING, 2011)

Age is Just a Number

Age is Just a Number

Bloomington was ranked as one of the 25 Best Places for a Working Retirement by Forbes Magazine.